Sunday, October 30, 2005

at last Liverpool wins 2 - 0 against West Ham

At last , after much awaits , the line up looks promising and the results tells its all. Since the start of the season I have have this funny feelin' everytime I watched them played live on telly. Almost most of them they keep on doing the difficult part of playing football i.e. trying to win it in style. Whereelse the rest of the teams in the premiership are hitting the net with the basic tools i.e. again teamwork.
How often do you see Cisse and Morientes keep on looking at each other gasping what could have been done. How often do you see most of them playing the ball to one another and end up losing it. To tell you the truth , at times I get bored watching them playing passing football but no goals.

ehhh sejak bila aku buat commentary on football game nie ..ish ish ish...


PrincessRen said...

the game last nite was a bit boring lah. nasib baik dia org menang. they missed a lot of chances.. need i to say something about Garcia.. sigh... well, hopefully, the next game will be better. :)

Golf Addix said...

totally agreed. nowadays it is always difficult to predict a winning game although u knew the opponent is not a strong team.
garcia.......aiyo , no wonder real madrid let him go..