Friday, October 21, 2005

Four sides of GA

The top right I wish I had the speed power drive and length of Tiger. But I don't need the blonde wife though.The the top left , maybe the putting consistency of Vijay . But then again I don't have the height. Bottom Left will be the skill and game plan of Anika , who masters her game perfectly in keeping her name in top form almost week in week out. Then bottom right maybe some new blood of Wie with some extra attractions so that people will watch me play.

On the other hand , who am I kidding ? I still can't figure out why I can outdrive yusof daud. Although at times I do know I am damn good on the green. At times , I do have the tendency to start well and then losing it at the fourth holes. For example 2 weeks ago at Eastwood valley , after three holes , all three on the green on regulation. All three miss the putt for birdie and all three hit centre of the fairway.

And then what happen on hole 13th . I hit the ball into the water hazard and had to settle for a double bogey. Making it worse I snap the tee shot at hole 14th and drive the ball way out to the left and into the jungle. Need me to tell you what happen to the rest of the game ? It suck.

Maybe I need that four heads to make it thru full solid concentration on 18 holes. Or is it ?

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dave said...

Nice parts but remember the old one parts is parts.
I put two in the water on number 16 at Harbor Hills yesterday and it was going to be one of my best games. Now I have to wait for the hurricane to pass before I get to go out again.