Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Golf Addix on the rest of 2005 seson

Wie is managing her route into the pro events by now. Some doubts it and even questioned her ability to sustain the challenge in the tour. Some secretly voices their frustration why she don't have to go through qualifying events .

Woods is making up for 2004 season. And I would think 2006 would be a clean sweep for the grand events. All four majors ? Why not ? You won't have another Tiger for another decade or two or three.

Someone called me up last week, apologizing simply because he is leaving the local golfing crowd and moving back to the key el. No comment....(err......).

End of November will be a bit busy with wifey c section. Boy or gal ? Any predictions ?

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dave said...

I guess it is obvious which you want.