Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jack not going to JB to defend his 2004 title

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lmost abstiffposulutely , this year Jack GA will not defend the title he won in 2004 . The tournament is planned to be held sometimes after the festive season and the venue will be some golf course near JB. In reality it would be asking GA too much, after all the hassle last year.
IN 2004 , at Tasik Puteri Golf & Country resort he played 79 gross to beat a fellow golfer from his alumni. Lucky enough "GA handicapp for the day was 10 compared to 13 to the runners up.
Jack would love to defend the title but events leading to the tournament and taking into considerations certain priorities , it would not be adviseable to take on the challenge. First the date and venue is yet to be finalised and tournament committee is not even formed to date.
Second after a month lay off from golf , it would a massive task to get into shape especially when Jack is expecting his new maruman nano driver very soon. With the grips changed , it would take some time for GA to get use to the new accessories.

It's a pity GA could not defend his title this year...


Sarclover said...

uish.. you are a real golf addict huh?

from JB is it? why never come back? eheheheee..

well.. i have been too busy to practice my so called 'strokes'. bought a second hand golf set at RM 500 at a yard sale somewhere in PJ last year.

i think i don't have the patience for golf. i play tennis and go to the gym a lot more than i 'turun'to the driving range.

... still at the driving range level. dunno when can graduate from there.. eheh

Golf Addix said...

first of all , having a second hand golf set is already an achievement. Indeed you will have to work out the swing at the driving range , but please take a pro lesson before you start making the wrong swing or even worse , u could damage your hip unknowingly...

fr all over johor actually ....