Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another stiching product for GA

My dearest Zalita did that for me recently. However I have yet to decide where to place that. Maybe with the golf towel hanging on the golf bag or on a plain tshirt ?
And who says playing golf is bad for a married man. A number of men I have met citing reasons for not playing golf is that they can't find the right reasons to argue with their spouses. Well , I dont have to argue with my other half nor did I have to find reasons. If you have good intent on playing golf I don't think your other half will have any ill feelings towards you.
But then again , if you keep on playing golf every single free time after work and on all weekends that is definitely inviting arguements and giving your other half much reasons to argue with you.
On Ramadhan month , I dare say , it will no golf or it would be minimum golf. Despite that , I have to spend some time on the driving range next week or week after that to get the swing ready for tournaments after the festive seasons.

Question for the day ? - When is the last time you have a good routine for your putt ? If you dont have it better start one coz it will bring more consistent results...



Zed said...

i decided to blame my putter as far as my putts are concerned heh heh... have spend a long time developing a pre-putt routine and under stress usually it will hold.

but lately the ball is just missing the hole by a hair (jilat lubang saja pak!!) and i think it has something to do with my 2 ball putter.

(alasan nak pegi shopping...)

Golf Addix said...

2 ball putter is not to be my favourite putter . used to have one of those two ball blade putter and it makes life more miserable. then I use back the old ping pal 4 which was quite fun.
plus I have develop my own putting routine incorporating the basic must ie the eyes must be on top on the ball. and voila it is much fun making those putt ...