Monday, October 31, 2005

jgn macam tu...(dont lah...)

If you don't like the game , don't blame those who are now enjoyng the game. It is common to find answers among us , golf is not a game for all. Even some brand it as wasting time and effort but funny enough you see these gentlemen popping up at the driving range from time to time. I know a person who blatantly branded golf as something which is unthinkable, very difficult to master and almost a boring game. For info , he is not even a golfer with proper handicapp. And he dont use his own money for a golf club. Yet , in the public especially when I am there , negative remarks about golf tend to be his main agenda.
That is why , I tend to lough out at him when I sees him at the driving range , let alone me giving advice to him how to make that proper golf swing. No way ....

There are some who are inteliigent enough to ask for help. Even myself at times especially when I am at the driving range , always look up for any golfer to scrutinise any improper moves. The only reason for doing that is simply because you won't be able to know what is wrong with the swing unless someone else is right there behind you watching you at close range.

err malas rasa nak gi kerja . Raya oii..............

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