Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Golf Addix on a new template

Wanted a fresher template. Would luv to get a new header but maybe next year. Was quite suprised with what Wie had to endure in her first pro outing. But then again , I am not suprised to see Anika getting another trophy.
By next I should be able to hit the balls at the range. Got to get myself prepared for tournaments after ramadhan. Pretty sure that I should peak at the right time this time.

Nice layout aint it ?


Adam said...

The newlayout looks good. Mabe you can add a new banner or maybe the old one - it looks cool.

Zed said...

just found your site... lookin good! i think the irons are mizuno, driver tak nampak? =)

Golf Addix said...

thanks , oledi put up the prev banner. however currently designing a new banner..

irons are indeed mizuno Mp33 , recently changes grip , golf pride the one with the combo red and black colour.
driver using titliest 983e 9 degrees loft and wood four nike 17degree loft.
Plus recently bought Taylormade rescue hybrid iron mid 4 with 22 degrees loft. irno 3 and iron 4 sleeps at home.

Zed said...

yup, my 3 iron also tido at home.

9 degrees driver? ganasss... heh heh i use a Taylormade 580XD with 9.5 degrees and am still sending the ball sky high sometimes.

am having issues putting with my 2 ball putter lately, feeling its time to move on. any thoughts on this? (also just itchy laa as usual)