Monday, October 24, 2005

Tips for men

Kalau tgh berkasih:
1. never make promises ...
2. dont meet the other half more than 3 times a week.
3. yr mum and dad should not know her until ur are to marry her
4. ponecall , dont just say hi , say hi beautiful..
5. play golf as much as possible while u have this chance.
6. start golf before marriage is better than while in a marriage.
7. suprises are nice , but flowers are top list.
8. dont go shopping with them...
9. dont even play golf with them ....
10. learn how u handle the things that u dont like ..

kalau yg dah kawin:
1. ample notice to your other half about yr golf schedule is a must
2. spread golf and family time evenly
3. dont play golf at nite ... bad bad bad habit
4. dont forget yr anniverssary or yf golf set will melt
5. make sure yf other half knows a bit abt golf...
6. share yr round of golf results when u are at home
7. etc etc etc... tbc

kalau yang dah duda:
1. gasak lah bila bila kao nak main golf...

Jack GA


Zed said...

soalan cepumas...

you nie asyik main golf jer tak pernah ke menang hadiah?

he he some of my clients actually go out of their way to buy a microwave, wrap it up and give it to the wives and say they won it in a tourney, just so they could keep on playing. i had a really good laugh! extreme? well golfers are golfers eh.

Inevitable said...

u ni one hell of golf addict heh?

Golf Addix said...

hadiah dah banyak menang beb, listed below , ug paling atas is recent one:
1. nanomaruman driver 10 degrees loft
2. golf bag yg merah tu...
3. taylor made rescue mid 4
4. that raccoon cover my wood 4
5. periuk nasi , berlambak kat stor
6. vouchers kat isetan , parkson etc etc etc
7. bola goodies still in boxes ada stacked up kat atas cabinet kat depan
8. basikal
9. fridge
10. etc etc etc

tapi memang tak pernah beli tau nak menyamar menang hadiah

memang golf addict sebab dah tak larat nak clubbing and main hoki. he he he

MooIz said...

good job on the blog! i'm a malaysian golf addict currently living in melbourne, australia. will come and check your blog regularly from now on. keep up on the good work! oh ya.... and thanks for the tips.... lucky we dont have night golf here..... haha