Sunday, October 16, 2005

2005 so far so good

2005 is almost over and so far it has been quite a journey. From handicapp 16 down to 11 this year. The best score at KGM was 80 gross on a saturday outing with Rosdi and some other frens. Other than that nothing much to brag about. Got myself a new mid 4 rescue Taylor Made which have contributed to consistent approach for distance between 200m to 180m.
Qualified for the KGM open and did not do well and peak only a week after the tournament. I guess I should have put three weeks of training and more 18 holes rounds. The putter is working well , nothing much can be asked from Ping Pal4 though.
Not many outstation golf this year. Pantai Mentiri in Brunei , Rahman Putra 3rd and 4th Nine , KLGCC West Course , Palm Spring and thats it. Hopefully next year if I get to get a job in the city , I would be able to explore more and play better. I was hoping I could defend the title I have won in 2004. But I would probably give it a miss since my other half will be delivering our third child by end of November.
Tiger has clawed back to the title contenders. Wie is doing well in the tour. Danny made it to The Open but miserably missed the slot to the World Cup. I did won the SKO competition this year but the organiser claim the winner should be based on the last three holes rather than giving it to the lower handicapper. B?!&*()$%^^....Labuan was a bad outing. Got injured and playing with injury did not serve any positive notes to me or to the team. Did not make it to the team in KL again this year , after all it does not make any sense fighting for it.
Hani is three this November. She is begining to show some interest in golf with her toyset. And seeing her trying to imitate my golf swing , does give some indications what she would like to do in the future . Or otherwise ? Shasha is now two years old. Watching these kids grow do makes you ponder and wishes to have more , he he he ....

2006 will be a another beautiful golf year. I do hope it will turn out ok. Lets do more golf ehh...

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